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  • Stacey Duey

FORWARD MOMENTUM is the building block to making dreams happen!

Forward momentum is a consistent step, it is movement; it is the act of moving forward, making progress and achieving goals.

Really? That's all it takes to make my dreams happen? Sounds pretty simple right?

You might then ask: Why is it so hard to lose weight? Why cant I get that promotion I have been working towards? Why cant my partner and I communicate in our relationship?

The answer is, we must choose to make consistent steps toward the things we want. Not huge steps that are unattainable, but small, simple, achievable steps that provide forward movement. This forward movement or momentum creates motivation. Motivation turns into a habit. Your habits lead to consistent action and also help limit the excuses (we all have them and boy can we get creative!) that sidetrack us from our goals and dreams.

Really? That's all it takes to make my dreams happen? Still sounds pretty simple right?

The hard part is not the choice or desire to work on forward momentum but the commitment. Do we commit to these small steps day in and day out? Nope. "I have too much work to do", "I don't have the energy after a long day","It's too hard", " I don't know where to start.", "My favorite show is on tonight" and the ultimate,

"I'll do it when.....". There is no when, there is only now. Most of us wouldn't blow off a commitment we made to our best friends, so why do we do it with ourselves? Because it is hard.

But it is worth it! You are worth it!

A coach can help you define your goal, create a road map and provide accountability as you create forward momentum to your dreams. I know you can do it!

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